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Hide details for  8.5.2 8.5.2
Hide details for Activities Sidebar IntegrationActivities Sidebar Integration
BHSH844FRVNotes client 8.5.2 has changes to support Lotus connectors to able to set size limit of content that gets published to Lotus Connections...
Hide details for Activity LoggingActivity Logging
DSAN7XH3LDFix for Session information not written to Misc. Events in log.nsf after upgrade from 8.5 to newer version using Log_Sessions=2
Hide details for Add Sender to ContactsAdd Sender to Contacts
ASBE7X98LYFixed problem where misleading message that "Contacts were updated" appears when user runs "Add sender to contacts" and selects *not* to update an...
SDOY7YDKEEFixed problem where Contact Synchronization fails if using Add Sender To Contacts while a recent contact exists for the sender. Rergression was...
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
JDOE7ZXJKKProvided Admin policy support for iNotes display language
JMEA7U9VCHServer configuration setting to disallow attachments if Browser Cache Management is not installed now applies to all browsers, such that file...
NCTN7VHR29Fixed problem with iNotes support for "Do not show remote images without permission" policy settings
RBOD6X3RADProvide an iNotes MSI package that can be run to install the ActiveX control without Power User rights in the OS.
RREN7TTMJCImproved default language display under conditions where the browser language and the mail template language are different via a new Display Language...
IISA7AMDAJ Session activity documents sometimes show up as Not Categorized with 'Incorrect data type for operator or @Function' errors. With this fix the...
JBEN838UE9 Fixed problem with iNotes Redirect database where iNotes the configured Login options and "remember me" checkboxes do not display in...
JPIU7RARUDFixed a crash in the adminp process where there was an OSMemoryLock for an invalid handle.
IFAY85NFWNFixed a translation issue in the French Administration client configuration tab, tools listing.
Hide details for Administration ClientAdministration Client
JPAI7SAJCBFixed an issue with the Administration Client where sometimes the DAOS size reported an incorrect value.
Hide details for AdminpAdminp
GHAN7WUTNWFixed a non-reproducible crash which could occur when the Adminp process ran batch requests.
Hide details for AgentsAgents
PALT7XBNEAAn agent signed by a person with Admin rights, has issues accessing a private view. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.
JPIK7VJR7WWhen "Remove object code on save with errors" was checked for agents, and the agent was saved with errors, the original code was still available and...
GFLY7HEMP8When changing an existing agent from shared to private, if the user also modified the access to the agent, a subsquent change of the agent to...
VDES85CG9BDomino server can possibly crash in fail over situation when the replica on the fail over server is unavailable. This regression was introduced in...
HSPR7U2BZLFixed a "random" crash when modifying your own ACL via LotusScript and your worker thread doesn't outrun the garbage collector.
Hide details for APIAPI
CTOO7J3HC4Fixed a problem where a Java Agent would hang when accessing a document that contained a RichTextItem when the MimeConversion property was set to...


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